Vegetables to grow in Spring


Finally.. Spring has arrived!

Are you getting exited? Wondering what vegetables to grow in spring? Check out these 4 easy vegetables that will give you a jump-start!


These vegetables give you almost instant gratification. Some radishes can grow in no more than 18 days!
Something I’ve tried this spring is to sow carrots together with radishes in the same bed. Carrots can be slow to germinate and are slow-growing. The quickly growing radishes break the ground for the carrots and can be harvested before it becomes to crowded for the carrots. If you’ll keep the ground moist, you’ll have some beautiful radishes in no time! [Continue reading]

Grow your own food in 3 easy steps

cherryblossomsIt’s cold outside. I don’t know about you.. but I hunger for some warmth and sunshine. I’m longing to see some green leaves on my fruit trees.. a sign of spring.. I get caught in daydreams of white and pink blossoms.. but unfortunately, I have to wait a little longer.

But that’s ok. Because these cold months are great for planning gardens and thinking about what you want to grow where.

Maybe you thought about growing something this year. It might be the prospect of  delicious juicy tomatoes, or maybe becayse you would like to have a little family project. Either way, don’t be intimidated by complicated gardening techniques and equipment. All you need is these 3 simple steps. [Continue reading]

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This site is not meant to about me, it's really all about you. Still I'd like to share with you one of my first experiences with growing food. I think you can relate to it somehow. We were living in our first home together, it was an appartement … [Continue reading]

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