CodeIgniter Rocks

CodeIgniter is an effective PHP framework with a little foot shaped impression, assembled for developers who require a straightforward and exquisite toolbox to make full-included web applications.

PHP Data Objects – PDO

PHP Data Objects PDO

Introduction to PHP Data Objects Short Definition “PHP Data Objects is a database abstraction layer giving a uniform technique for access to different databases.” Explaination of  PDO The PHP Data Objects extension characterizes a lightweight, reliable interface for getting to databases in PHP. Every database driver that executes the PDO …

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What is HMVC ?

HMVC is a development of the MVC design utilized for most web applications today. It came to fruition as a response to the marketability issues evident inside of utilizations which utilized MVC. The arrangement exhibited in the JavaWorld site, July 2000, recommended that the standard Model, View, and Controller triad …

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