Interesting salads

interesting saladsSalads are healthy and easy to grow yourself. But it can be a little tricky to keep them interesting.

So this a guide to interesting salads.

The secret to a great salad is the combination of flavours and texture.

This is a 3-part guide:

  1. Base of your salad
  2. Flavour combinations
  3. Finishing touch


I hope that at the end of this guide, you can’t wait to get into the kitchen and create a dazzling salad. Have fun!


Part 1 – Base of your salad

The classical ingredient to a salad is Mr. Lettuce. The great thing about growing your own food is the variety of lettuce you can choose from. Sweet, bitter, crunchy, soft, green, red, freckled.. just tell me what you like! If you have no idea yet, try growing a few small/dwarf varieties. Most good seed suppliers can tell you exactly how a certain variety will taste. You’ll find out what you like soon enough.

Another option is cut-and-grow salads. When you grow these, you only use the leafs that grow about 10 cm long before you cut them off and wait for them to re-grow. You can buy mixes that are finely tuned to make a great combination of flavours.

The more ‘spicy’ options are arugula or ‘rocket’ and the asian leafy greens like mustard or mizuna, which grow terrific in cold weather.

Don’t forget that young beetroot, radish and spinach leaves are also great for salads! So if you are thinning these out in your garden, don’t throw them away!

The key is to find a combination that you like. Make sure to add some crunchy leaves for texture.

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