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Darayya siege: Evacuation of Syrian town begins

Civilians and rebel fighters have begun leaving the Syrian town of Darayya after a deal was reached ending a four-year government siege.
The first buses left the town, near the capital Damascus, accompanied by ambulances and Red Crescent vehicles.
Rebel fighters are due to go to rebel-held Idlib city while civilians will go to government shelters.

The Syrian army encircled Darayya in 2012 and civilians received fresh supplies only in June.
Syrian state media said 700 armed men and 4,000 civilians will be evacuated as part of the agreement.

The first bus to emerge from the town carried mostly children, women and elderly people, AFP reported.

The office of UN Special Envoy Staffan de Mistura sounded a note of caution saying it was “imperative that people of Darayya are protected in any evacuation that takes place, and that this takes place voluntarily”.


Taken from BBC NEWS

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