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json from mysql using php

Hey everybody, Make JSON From MySQL Using PHP and Parse it with jQuery. JSON(JavaScript object notation), I think each web developer definitely know about JSON and the upsides of utilizing it. Some normal questions that each new developer asks are: the reason to utilize JSON? Where to utilize JSON? How …

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JQUERY AJAX methods to display JSON data


Hey guys! Welcome to JQUERY AJAX methods to display JSON data step by step tutorial JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is much like XML, because each of them are hierarchical, human understandable and can be parsed using programming languages. But JSON is fast,quicker, lightweight and more interesting and easy to read …

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Combining PHP, JSON and jQuery

PHP, JSON and jQuery

Hey everybody, welcome to the combining PHP, JSON and JQUERY tutorial we’re moving to create an HTML form with a dynamic dropdown list of fruits that we retrieve from a JSON datasource. Next let’s to create the PHP script that sends the JSON data. So in json_data.php we create an …

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